Counselling, Psychotherapy & Clinical Supervision in Lewes, East Sussex

Hello, and welcome to my website. As a BACP Registered and Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I aim to hear you and help you build an understanding about yourself and what’s happening in your life. I use warmth, empathy and honesty, in a non judgemental way, with the intention of freeing you from perceiving yourself as a victim of circumstance and give you a greater sense of control and choice over your life.

I have been an Integrated Counsellor & Psychotherapist for over ten years. As you read on you will notice that I use the terms "counsellor" and "psychotherapist" and you may ask yourself, what's the difference? There is an on going debate within my industry in regard to this question, but currently, my governing body, the BACP, recognises no official difference. They are essentially the same thing. Personally I see counselling as short term (6 to 12 weeks) and psychotherapy as longer term. My rational for that distinction is that the longer you are engaged in therapy, the deeper into your psyche you are likely to go. The deeper into your psyche you go, the more psychotherapeutic the relationship between us becomes.

I am trained and experienced in humanistic schools of Psychotherapy. The benefit of this approach is that I work with you, the client, to discover your answer to your presenting issues. One size does not fit all, everyone is an individual, and while some problems are more common, your experience of your life is unique to you.

I began my counselling and psychotherapy training 2003 when I lived in Brighton. I graduated in December 2005 and began building my private practice, providing therapy to clients from Brighton to Eastbourne and several places in between including Lewes, Hailsham and Newhaven. I obtained my accreditation from the BACP in 2008, and have continued to provide psychotherapy & counselling to Lewes and other East Sussex based clients since then. In 2010 I qualified as a clinical supervisor of counsellors, psychotherapists and allied professionals and have been providing counselling supervision to East Sussex based psychotherapists since then.

I am a registered accreditted member of the BACP, and in the past ten years I have worked with people with a variety of issues, including, depression, relationship issues, career issues, addictions, anger issues, bereavement & loss, eating disorders, existential crisis, sexual identity, older peoples’ issues, sadness, stress and work related issues. These are just examples of what clients have bought to therapy. It is not always necessary to come with a label or a specific issue...sometimes people come to talk because they know something is not quite happening for them as they would like it to. There really are no restrictions on what you can talk about.

I offer short or long term therapy in safe and confidential settings. I am contactable by phone or email to discuss any aspect of my service, and I offer an initial assessment free of charge. I am also an experienced group facilitator. Call or email to discuss your particular needs. I am happy to provide group supervision to counsellors, psychotherapists and allied professionals. Again, get in touch to discuss details.

richard on a good dayYou will find my Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision Services in the picturesque East Sussex town of Lewes. It is half way between Brighton and Eastbourne and a few miles north of Newhaven. I am easily accessed off of the A27.

More specifically, I am located right in the heart of Lewes around Cliffe High St. Click here to check my availability, location map and fees. I am easily reached by car from Eastbourne, Polegate, Hailsham, Newhaven and Brighton, as well as the mid Sussex towns of Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and Crowborough.

This is me on the left. This was taken a couple of years ago now but I don't think I have changed significantly since. (A bit less hair now perhaps)

Alongside my private practice, I have also worked as a counsellor in Lewes providing psychotherapy to clients on Employee Assisted Programmes. Your employer may well be willing to pay for some short term counselling, so ask your human resources dept if you are entitled. I also accept referrals from private psychiatrists.

Thanks for visiting my website, and please feel free to browse for additional information. I am happy to answer phone calls or emails to answer any questions you may have.